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About Us

The school is situated at Hiji and Guaraka, Niger State. It is a strategic location and is quite convenient to the residents of the areas. It is a magnificent building with classrooms that are spacious, airy and well lit up. Each floor is self-content having sanitary blocks and drinking water. The school has its own tube-well that is deep and water supplied for drinking purposes undergoes stringent water treatment facilities. There is a beautiful hall that is huge in size and multi-purpose in nature. A wide variety of cultural and extra-curricular activities take place in this hall. The ambiance is truly conducive to learning and the school environment is full of life and warmth.


To be the best school in Nigeria, by producing one thousand doctors every ten years.


To impact knowledge and skills that will create ethical entrepreneurs.


The school has designed the course curricula for different classes on the basis of the requirements as specified by the Ministry of Education, National Examination Council (NECO), West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) for Higher Secondary Education and other education bodies at the state and national level. The school further ensures that such curricula meet the all-round developmental needs of the students and pupils that include academics, social, physical, emotional and ethical values.

Character Education

Character building is the highest goal of education. Morality and Values of life define the vision of people and inspire their dreams to accomplish a fulfilling life. As such, special care has been taken at the time of preparing the school curricula to ensure that Morality and Values of life get proper emphasis. The school endeavours to instill in its pupils and students certain essential virtues of life that are avowed by all the religious, philosophical and cultural traditions. They are wisdom, justice, obedience, abstinence, integrity, fortitude, love, positive attitude, gratitude, humility and hard work.

Teaching and Learning

At the Nursery level, trained teachers impart training to ensure that development in children takes place in a healthy and natural way. To do that, it becomes important for us to ensure that school going habit grows in every child. Keeping that in view, we try and design innovative activities in class so that children get tempted to come to school regularly. That gives us the opportunity to help them learn how to conduct themselves in class, form good habits and speak only when spoken to. They also learn the basics of community living by eating together, playing and cooperating with each other to form habits of order, accuracy and obedience. Learning letters and numbers, rhyming Nursery Rhymes together, playing games, listening to stories, learning handicrafts, doing activities in groups and sense training complete the curriculum.

At the Kindergarten level, children are exposed to the three basic skills of learning viz. listening, reading and writing. They are taught to read and write words and sentences and also to do basic figure works.

At the Primary School level from class I to class V, the children are introduced to a wider world of academic education, observation, experience, appreciations and a larger sphere of activities to gain knowledge through learning. This is where their learning curve initiates and therefore, sufficient care is taken to ensure that training is imparted in a scientific manner to provide the children with ample scope for initiative and enterprise on their part. Care is taken further to ensure that the curiosity is aroused in children continuously and they are encouraged to ask questions. Such questions are answered in a systematic manner entirely to their satisfaction. That helps them open up their thought process.

At the Junior Secondary School level, the process of learning through experience and activity by way of contacts with the world of ideas, objects and emotions is furthered. The lessons are planned in such a manner that they lay adequate emphasis on formal studies, cultivating reading habits and developing the sense of involvement to enable them acquire an outlook and bent of mind oriented to clear, precise and creative thinking.

At the Senior Secondary School level; special emphasis is laid on preparing the students for their final public examination. Core subjects for Science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology; and for Commerce stream core subjects are Accountancy, Business Studies, Costing & Taxation and Data Processing Applications. while the core subjects from Ministry of education is Civic Education. The syllabus set Ministry of Education and other Examination body are followed meticulously for all level , and also the methodology prescribed by the expert Committees of the Board and the Council are put into practice. Special care is taken at the Higher Secondary level to equip the students with knowledge required for competitive examinations in pursuit of higher academics viz. Engineering, Medical Science, Juridical and Accountancy professions. Apart from that, the spirit of competitiveness is inculcated in the students, confidence is boosted and necessary skills are imparted, that are required to pursue studies at the Higher Secondary level and beyond.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Special emphasis is laid on attaining excellence in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Value Education helps the pupils possess a good moral character. Opportunities towards developing special skills are provided to the pupils from the very beginning by having Music, Art & Craft, Computer and Physical Education as different parts of co-curricular activities. Special arrangements are made for regular coaching in Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Race and Football. Pupils & Students are encouraged to participate in various inter-school competitions held on Painting, Quiz and other Sporting Events. In addition to that, annual events like Sports, Exhibitions, Excursions, Picnics, etc., are organized by the school.

In order to promote learning through a process that is meaningful, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable, a Multimedia Projector (3M) is used. The pupils and Students are exposed to a wide variety of programmes that are educative and entertainment based, through the use of CDs and Digital Media.


Playroom for the Kids : In addition to the regular classrooms the school has a playroom for the Nursery and KG students. The playroom is equipped with educational toys, learning aids and audio-visual gadgets for effective teaching.


The school canteen offers the students a choice of having clean, fresh and hygienic food at affordable prices.


The school has a room that is fully equipped to look after students taking ill suddenly and to handle unforeseen medical requirements.

Curricular Activities

The school offers quite a wide variety of curricular activities that include indoor games, physical training, public speaking, quizzing, science projects, community service projects and others.

Computer Laboratory

The school has air-conditioned computer laboratory that is equipped with a pool of latest computers having access to Multimedia and Internet. The school imparts computer education with the latest technology to enable the students keep pace with the international standards of computer education. External resources are also used to supplement the facilities available in-house.

Science Laboratories

The school has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences that not only meet the standards set by different Boards of education but are also fully equipped to fulfill all the requirements of the faculty and the students. They help the students observe the experiments closely to understand the various scientific phenomena and inculcate in them creative inquisitiveness.


The school has got a library that is well stocked with a wide range of titles. It is our honest endeavor to try and cultivate reading habits among the students. currently, the school is gradually moving to e-library.